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Walden Pond and I have been connected since 2000, when my oldest son, Hamlet, started taking classes. It was love at first sight — for both of us! He loved the classes and I loved everything about Walden Pond. And then Cecilia came along, and then Frates came along, and then, sadly, we outgrew Walden Pond. But I always kept those amazing art pieces and never forgot about that little blue house on Avenue B.

Life changed in July 2012, when Hamlet was volunteering at Walden Pond. He came home and mentioned that Miss. Dottie was retiring, moving to Virginia, and selling Walden Pond. The very first words out of my mouth were “maybe I should buy it.”

Here we are…

And who am I? I am an energetic mom who loves spending time with kids. I am not an artist, but pretty crafty. What do I bring to the table and what is my experience? I haven’t formally taught, but raising my own children has taught me so much about how they learn. I try to look for the fun in ordinary situations and then translate those into teaching moments. And what do I believe? I believe that watching children learn is a joy. I believe they should (and will at Walden Pond!) spend more time outside – observing nature. I believe that the best part of any day is the time spent together – children teach us, too – and I relish their simple observations. I believe that when life presents you with an opportunity, you really ought to grab it!