rainbowMany years ago, in a small house on Avenue B, San Antonio’s very own Walden Pond was born. Named in honor of Henry David Thoreau’s lovely little pond in Massachusetts, our Walden Pond became a source for artistic expression for many San Antonio children and families. Dedicated to celebrating and encouraging every child’s innate creativity, Walden Pond grew. And Dottie McKinley stood behind each child – encouraging, supporting and teaching. Dottie’s dream flourished, and this year Walden Pond happily celebrates its 31st year!

In 2012, Walden Pond entered a new phase—with a new owner, a freshened-up house and an added boost of enthusiasm. The tried-and-true theory, however, of teaching your inquisitive children about our natural world has remained intact. Earth and its many wonders continue to be the focus of every Walden Pond workshop.

logo_historyAfter 3.5 years of teaching, I have learned a few things, too. Our #1 rule at Walden Pond is to “HAVE FUN,” and learning should be fun—we talk about dung beetles & stinkpot turtles, harpy eagles & rattlesnake-eating roadrunners! Children are fascinated not only by these animals but also by nature’s unexpected surprises. Join us, and you might be surprised, too!

Walden Pond’s fun, creative, happy future is unfolding each and every day on Avenue B. Dottie’s motto, “joyful learning through creativity,” has merged with my motto, “find the fun in learning” and together, Dottie and I have created something special.