January 2017

My high school friend’s mother (that is a mouthful) had a saying, and it was taped to their refrigerator door, “procrastination is a sin that leads to certain sorrow, but I can stop it anytime…I think Ill start tomorrow!” That pretty much sums up what has happened to Pond Scum during the last 1.5 years. I just kept putting it off. But 2017 is here and I made myself a promise. So here goes…

December 2016 was my fourth anniversary at Walden Pond. I still count my blessings that I took this leap-of-faith and began teaching and interacting with children. I may have a few more wrinkles, but I am so happy and content. Walden Pond fits beautifully into my life and your children’s laughter keeps a smile on my face and spring in my step. Their energy is infectious!

Our school days at Walden Pond have evolved, somewhat, but nature and all of Earth’s amazing creatures remain our focus. As I regularly tell the kids, the most creative minds in the world couldn’t come up with better stories than nature gives us everyday. Seriously! Lizards who can walk on water (that would be the Green Basilisk), egg-swapping trickster birds (that would be the Cuckoo), insects that roll balls of poop (yes, the Dung Beetle)? Nature generously provides me with a never-ending list of possible workshop themes, thank you very much!

On the garden front, our plants took a serious hit with San Antonio’s recent low temperatures. RIP cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, lettuce and Meyer lemons. The broccoli and the milkweed are holding on, and the verdict is still out on the lantana and succulents. It was a tough weekend 🙁 On a happier note, though, our garden just officially became a playground with the addition of a fun, climbing geodesic dome. The WP kids are psyched!

Speaking of WP kids…enrollment is at an all-time high! 78 smiling faces walk through our door each week. I am proud of this success and indebted to the many people who have helped along the way. First and foremost, my trusty assistants–Sarina, Tisa and Claire–I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do this without your help, advice and sense of fun. Each day is an adventure, for sure!

Demand is high, so we are adding 3 new daytime classes at the Pond. With classes now offered everyday of the week, more kids will be able to join our fun days. Check out the “schedule” tab on the website for complete class times and enrollment information.

And now for some pics…these are in no particular order just ones that I especially love. Art projects at Walden Pond continue to complement our workshop topics. We paint, collage, sculpt, draw and let each child’s creativity blossom. Messy and always fun 🙂

I like ending Pond Scum with a heartfelt thank-you to my WP families.  To the kids, parents, grandparents, nannies and friends–you all make my job easier and more fun.  Your continued support and encouragement means the world to me.

Please continue to share your comments and suggestions with me–I am always open to new ideas and love to hear from you.

Never a dull day at the Pond!

Hope to see you soon and thank you,