Daytime and after school nature-based art workshops for children ages 3 and older

Children will explore their inner creativity by focusing on our natural world. Through the use of varied art mediums, outdoor fun and classroom teaching, children will learn and experience more about our Earth and its many, incredible wonders.

Please….children must be potty-trained!




  Summer 2018-Earth’s Amazing Rivers!

This summer, let’s meander, float and bob along Earth’s majestic rivers! Beginning in the highest mountaintops and usually flowing to the sea, rivers provide food, energy and recreation. Animals, small and large, congregate along riverbanks to feed and drink. These winding freshwater ribbons are truly Earth’s lifelines!

Nile, Mississippi, Congo and Amazon–their very names evoke images of exotic locales and unique animals. But rivers provide much more and are vital to life on Earth!Come journey with us as we explore Earth’s rivers.

Ages 3-12 and must be potty-trained, please.

Workshops are 1-week long, Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 12:00.

$225.00 per student.


But please call and put your name on a waiting list—


June 11-15, Workshop I: the Mississippi!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

The Mighty Mississippi–America’s longest river and largest drainage system–flows through 10 states and plays a vital role in terms of water supply, commerce and wildlife habitat! Fish, waterfowl, mammals, reptiles and even mussels call Ol’ Man River home!

June 18-22, Workshop II: the Congo!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

Just saying the word, “Congo,” conjures-up images of African jungles, exotic wildlife and dangerous encounters. This deepest river on our planet also provides a home to many animal species–birds, reptiles and mammals all drink from its waters and live along its banks. Africa will come alive this week as take a look at the classic game (elephants, rhinos, giraffes and more) of this mysterious continent!

June 25-29, Workshop IIII: the Volga!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

Europe’s longest river, the Volga, is not only an important waterway in Russia, but also a home to many rare and unusual species. Have you ever heard of the Russian desman? Let’s learn more about this aquatic mole and so many other cool animals. The Amur tiger, Siberian crane, Baikal seal and, of course, the Beluga sturgeon!

July 9-13, Workshop IV: the Amazon!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

Originating high in the Peruvian Andes and emptying, some 4000 miles later, into the Atlantic, the Amazon River is simply astonishing–in terms of its volume of water, its vast biodiversity and its spectacular beauty. Jaguars, piranhas, harpy eagles and more…vamos a Suramerica!

July 16-20, Workshop V: the Murray!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

G’day, mate and welcome to Australia. Home to koalas, kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils and more, the ecosystems here are vast and varied. And snaking entirely through this continent’s southern half is the Murray River, Australia’s longest waterway!

 July 23-27, Workshop VII: the San Antonio!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

No need to grab your passport this week! Originating on the campus of Incarnate Word, the San Antonio River flows south for 240 miles, through rugged Texas brush last, before entering the Gulf of Mexico. Used for centuries by humans and animals, alike, this river is the lifeblood of our city and region–just ask the local opossums, armadillos and raccoons!

 July 30-August 3, Workshop IX: the Nile!–sorry, this camp is full 🙁

Let’s end where it all began…in ancient Egypt along the mighty Nile! HOW did the Egyptians create such magnificent pyramids, temples and tombs over 4500 years ago? Although these answers are still being debated, what is not questioned is the vital role that the Nile River played. In a country that is 97% desert, the waters of the Nile have always sustained wildlife and supported human civilization. To the Nile we go!