YES…Walden Pond can host your child’s birthday party!

Pick a theme, bring a cake and let us do the rest. With our three art rooms and lovely (but pretty hot, at times!) garden, we can accommodate up to 20 eager young artists. Let us coordinate the art activities to your child’s theme—each guest will take home at least 2 projects, have tons of fun and wow their parents.

Birthday party pricing and information are as follows:

  • set price is $350 for 1.5 hour party
  • $25/child for kids above 20 person max…sorry, chaos ensues
  • 3 Walden Pond assistants to help with the art projects, set-up and clean-up
  • drop-offs allowed ONLY for children turning 6 or older
  • all art supplies included in set price

***any damage, above and beyond normal wear, to Walden Pond (building or garden) could result in an additional charge***

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