Who We Are & What We Do!

In a small house on Avenue B, sits San Antonio’s very own Walden Pond. Named in honor of Henry David Thoreau’s idyllic Massachusetts setting, this Walden Pond (WP) is a source for artistic expression for San Antonio children and families. With a focus on Earth, and all her many wonders, WP workshops encourage every child’s innate creativity.

Walden Pond’s history is rich, 37 years, 2 owners and thousands of kids! Our workshop themes have ranged from the tundra, to amazing rivers, to the Hawaiian islands, to ancient Egypt, but always with Earth and our natural world at the core. And as WP kids learn, the most creative mind in the world can never make-up better stories than nature gives us everyday!

WP’s mottos have changed…first, “joyful learning through creativity,” and then, “find the fun in learning,” before evolving, now, into “nature is art and art is fun!” Our #1 rule at Walden Pond is to HAVE FUN, and that is exactly what learning should be – we talk about dung beetles & stinkpot turtles, harpy eagles & rattlesnake-eating roadrunners. Children are fascinated not only by these animals, but also by nature’s many unexpected surprises.

Add art to nature and the magic of Walden Pond appears! Through varied art mediums (collage, paint, clay, drawing), children explore their inner creativity, have fun along the way and create masterpieces.

Walden Pond’s creative, happy future is unfolding each and every day on Avenue B. Our children spend time outside in the WP garden, observing nature, eating veggies and playing. Watching them learn and have fun is a joy!


Meet  Our  Teachers!