Children will explore their inner creativity by focusing on our natural world. Through the use of varied art mediums, outdoor fun and classroom teaching, they’ll learn and experience more about Earth and its many, incredible wonders.


Daytime and after school nature-based art workshops for children ages 3 and older.  Please….children must be potty-trained! Take a look at our weekly schedule:

Please note: Supervised Lunch, from 11:30-12:30 each day, is BYOL (bring your own lunch) and costs an additional $5/day. You can find this option in the drop down menu when you are selecting your class time. Weather permitting, we typically eat in our garden and play outside. There are times, however, when we will watch a short, educational video following lunch. 


COVID-19 and WALDEN POND: (as of May 27, 2020) 

All of us at Walden Pond so hope that you all, our families, have stayed healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. We miss the sound of laughter, for sure.

Safety is our priority as we look at changing our remaining summer programs. We are planning a new format with decreased class sizes, better utilization of our space and limited time between kids & teachers. 

The first four morning camps in June have been cancelled, we’ll be making a decision on July and August camps shortly. Please stay posted for updates–we are still hoping for and planning an amazing, SUPERLATIVE, summer at Walden Pond. The reality, though, is that we may certainly feel the need to cancel our programs. If you have already paid for a camp, your TUITION WILL BE 100% REFUNDED.

Stay safe, find the silver linings and be in touch 🙂

Spring 2020 – Creativity Kits

Walden Pond CREATIVITY KITS! With older kids in mind, we have assembled a box of fun! Turn your kids loose, armed only with a pair of scissors and their large imaginations, and watch what they will come up with… Each box includes tutorials and the supplies needed to complete 2-3 projects, delivered to your door!

  • $35.00 per box (designed for one child)
  •  packaged and delivered with the utmost safety precautions
  •  delivered to your door on Tuesdays (creativity kits are ongoing and can be purchased any time!)
  • we deliver to homes within 15 miles of Walden Pond (pick-ups can also be arranged)

Option 1: A Celebration of COLOR! – This kit has everything your child needs to create a papel picado banner, tissue flowers and a paper collage masterpiece.  The materials themselves are meant to inspire a festive, vibrant art piece!

Option 2: Masters of Imagination – This is a painting-focused kit highlighting a couple of the great artists of our time – Picasso and Klee. Allow your kids to get inspired as they observe their natural landscapes and paint a scene from the outdoors!  All materials included.

Summer 2020 – Nature Kits

WE ARE SOOO SAD TO HAVE CANCELLED OUR 1ST FOUR JUNE CAMPS! To make up for it, we have created NATURE KITS that will focus on several of Earth’s greatEST–the cheetah (who is the fastEST!), the leaf-cutter ant (who is the strongEST!), the octopus (who is the smartEST!) and the blue whale (who is the biggEST!).  Educational material will be included along with supplies needed to complete 3 animal-focused art projects.

  • $50.00 per box (designed for one child)
  • packaged and delivered with the utmost safety precautions
  • we deliver to homes within 15 miles of Walden Pond (pick-ups can also be arranged)
  • greatEST (a superlative-themed) nature kits: June 8th and June 22nd delivery. Each delivery is a whole new set of projects so register for one or both!

Summer 2020 – SUPERLATIVE camps!

ESTs…this will be a summer for the records! fastEST, slowEST, smelliEST, rarEST, smartEST. Where on Earth do all of these ESTs live?

If you love learning about animals with unique traits and incredible survival skills, this summer will be right up your alley. Join us as we explore planet Earth in search of amazing creatures, interesting plants and those species that are tops in their fields!

As always, natural environments, food and people will be highlighted, too

Ages 3-12 and must be potty-trained, please.

Workshops are 1-week long, Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 12:00, $225


*** COVID-19 closure: For the safety of our staff and your children, we have cancelled the first four weeks of camp (mornings only) in June.  If you are registered for one of these camps and have not received an email or refund, please let us know.  We hope to resume camps on June 29th but are cautiously making decisions.  Safety is our number one priority for everyone! Thank you for your patience. ***


June 1st to 5th, Workshop I: fastEST!— Sorry, this camp has been cancelled :  (  

Whether they are racing across the African Savannah’s at 75 mph (yes, cheetahs), zooming through the skies at 242 mph (yes, Peregrine falcons), or tearing through the ocean at nearly 70 mph (yes, sailfish), some of Earth’s animals are equipped with incredible speed! Let’s learn more about these animals, and more, as we see how speed plays a role in their success and survival!

June 8th to 12th, Workshop II: biggEST!–Sorry, this camp has been cancelled :  ( 

Imagine an animal as long as 3 school buses, with a heart as heavy as a car and a tongue that weighs more than an elephant…and it is alive and well and living today! The blue whale is the largEST animal to have ever lived on Earth. What other animals are the biggEST of their kind? Goliath beetles? Saltwater crocodiles? Any many more massive creatures to learn about this week!

June 15th to 19th, Workshop III: strongEST!–Sorry, this camp has been cancelled :  ( 

Question–what animal is only 1/2 inch long but can lift objects that are 1,141 times heavier than its own body weight? The lowly dung beetle, that’s who! And it would be like a human carrying a space shuttle! Earth is home to so many very strong animals–gorillas, elephants, tigers–join us this week as we travel around th globe in search of those animals who possess incredible strength!

June 22nd to 26th, Workshop IV: smartEST!–Sorry, this camp has been cancelled :  ( 

Neither the most beautiful, nor the most loved, the raven is, however, #1 when it comes to intelligence. This bird is crazy smart and playful! But ravens aren’t alone when it comes to wits…lots of other animals have a keen intelligence. Chimpanzees, dolphins, octopuses and pigs all make the list! Let’s get smartER and learn more about these smartEST animals 🙂

June 29th to July 3rd, Workshop V: smelliEST!–Sorry, this camp is SOLD OUT 🙁

Pee-ew! These animals stink…a lot! Skunks may be cute, be we know to avoid these odoriferous fellows that prowl our neighborhoods. But have you heard about the Bombardier beetle? It shoots a stinky, funky liquid right at you. Or the loud Tasmanian Devil, who has a distinct stench all its own. Hold your nose and join us this week…we will have a ripe ole time!

July 6th to 10th: we are on vacation 🙂

July 13th to 17th, Workshop VI: slowEST!–Sorry, this camp is SOLD OUT 🙁

OK, maybe learning about poky-slow animals might not sound cool, but these creatures most definitely are! Rainforest dwelling sloths, bright yellow banana slugs, gentle manatees and huge tortoises all make this list. These guys won’t win any speed races, but Earth sure is lucky to have them around 🙂

July 20th to 24th, Workshop VII: oldEST!–Sorry, this camp is SOLD OUT 🙁

Life is tough in the animal world, with many factors contributing to success and survival. These animals, though, are tops when it comes to longevity: macaws (60-80 years), koi fish (up to 200 years), giant tortoises (up to 150 years) and bowhead whales (up to 200 years). Believe it or not, scientists believe that certain sea urchins and sea anemones may even be immortal!!

July 27th to 31st, Workshop VIII: rarEST!–Sorry, this camp is SOLD OUT 🙁

ENDANGERED! THREATENED! In the world of animal conservation, these words make us worried and sad. Many of Earth’s animals are perched precariously on the verge of extinction. Orangutans & gorillas, snow leopards & tigers, blue  whales & whooping cranes…the list of these rarEST animals is long. Let’s join the fight to save them!

August 3rd to 7th, Workshop IX: deadliEST!–Sorry, this camp is SOLD OUT 🙁

Not poisonous, but venomous–these animals can kill! Snakes (think king cobras and boomslangs), fish (pufferfish and stonefish), insects (Brazilian wandering spiders and deathstaker scorpions), and many others (box jellyfish and blue-ringed octopus). The focus this week will be on learning more about those animals we really hope to avoid!

August 10th to 14th, Workshop X: cutEST!–Sorry, this camp is SOLD OUT 🙁

What? According to whom? OK…it is the end of our summer workshops and, really, I just wanted to do a camp about super cute animals. So, I made a list: giant pandas, sea otters, warthogs, lemurs, penguins and, of course, dogs (gosh, I love them all)! Come prepared to draw, paint or collage you own cutEST animal. Let have fun, be creative and bid summer 2020 farewell!

Summer 2020–OLDER KID CAMPS!

Calling all chefs, ceramicists and artists! Walden Pond is once again offering summer camps designed specifically for older kids (ages 8 and up)!

Join us for the “3 Cs of Creativity”–CLAY, COOKING and COLLAGE! Your kids will have a blast as they learn fun new c lay techniques, experiment in the WP kitchen and fine tune their paper collage skills. Creativity overload!!

Classes in these afternoon camps are limited to just 12 students. Only 2 weeks being offered, so sign-up soon to secure a spot!

June 22nd to 25th

June 29th to July 2nd

1:30 to 4:30