Our Spring and Summer 2021 classes are full! Please join us this next fall for more fun at the Pond 🙂


SUMMER 2021…same theme, new year!

Summer 2020 was a bust, so let’s try again this year with a summer of SUPERLATIVES!

ESTs…this will be a summer for the records! fastEST, slowEST, smelliEST, rarEST, smartEST. Where on Earth do all of these ESTs live?

If you love learning about animals with unique talents and incredible survival skills, this summer’s camps are for you. Join us as we explore planet Earth in search of amazing creatures who are tops in their fields!

As always, natural environments, food and people will be highlighted, too.

Tuition is $300 for the Monday to Friday camp. Hours are 9:00 to 12:00, and snack is served.

***ages 3 (and potty-trained) and older***
***this summer, camps are limited to 10-12 children***

*** tuition includes a $25, non-refundable registration fee***

**COVID policy detailed at the bottom of this page**


Sorry, but all of our summer camps are full. Let us know if you would like to be placed on a waiting list — cancellations really do happen 🙂


June 7-11, Workshop I: fastEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

Whether they are racing across the African savannahs at 75 mph (yes, cheetahs), zooming through the skies at 242 mph (yes, Peregrine falcons), or tearing through the ocean at nearly 70 mph (yes, sailfish), some of Earth’s animals are equipped with incredible speed! Let’s learn more about these animals, and others, as we see how speed plays a vital role in survival.

June 14-18, Workshop II: biggEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

Imagine an animal as long as 3 school buses, with a heart as heavy as a car and a tongue that weighs more than an elephant…and it is alive and well and living today! The Blue whale is the largEST animal to have ever lived on Earth. What other animals are the biggEST of their kind? Goliath beetles? Saltwater crocodiles? And many more massive creatures to learn about this week!

June 21-25, Workshop III: strongEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

Question—what animal is only ½ inch long but can lift objects that are 1,141 times heavier than their own body weight? The lowly dung beetle, that’s who! And it would be like a human carrying a space shuttle! Earth is home to so many very strong animals—gorillas, elephants, tigers—join us this week as we travel around the globe in search of those animals who possess incredible strength!

June 28-July 2, Workshop IV: smartEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

Neither the most beautiful, nor the most loved, the raven is, however, #1 when it comes to intelligence. This bird is crazy smart and playful! But ravens aren’t alone when it comes to wits…lots of other animals have a keen intelligence. Chimpanzees, dolphins, octopuses and pigs all make the list! Let’s get smartER and learn more about these smartEST animals.

July 5-9, we are on vacation 🙂

July 12-16, Workshop V: smelliEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

Pee-ew! These animals stink…a lot! Skunks may be cute, but we know to avoid these odoriferous fellows that prowl our neighborhoods. Have you heard about the Bombardier beetle? It shoots a stinky, funky liquid right at you. Or the loud Tasmanian Devil, who has a distinct stench all its own. Hold your nose and join us this week…we will have a ripe ole time!

July 19-23, Workshop VI: slowEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

OK, maybe learning about poky-slow animals might not sound cool, but these creatures most definitely are! Rainforest dwelling sloths, bright yellow banana slugs, gentle manatees and huge tortoises all make this list. These guys won’t win any speed races, but Earth sure is lucky to have them around!

July 26-30, Workshop VII: oldEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

Life is tough in the animal world, with many factors contributing to success and survival. These animals, though, are tops when it comes to longevity: macaws (60-80 years), koi fish (up to 200 years), giant tortoises (up to 150 years) and bowhead whales (up to 200 years). Believe it or not, scientists believe that certain sea urchins and sea anemones may even be immortal!

August 2-6, Workshop VIII: rarEST!–SORRY, this week is already full 🙁

ENDANGERED! THREATENED! In the world of animal conservation, these words make us worried and sad. Many of Earth’s animals are perched precariously on the verge of extinction. orangutans & gorillas, snow leopards & tigers, blue whales & whooping cranes…the list of these rarEST animals is long. Let’s join the fight to save them!

August 9-13, Workshop IX: deadliEST!–SORRY, this week is already full

Not poisonous, but venomous—these animals can kill! Snakes (think king cobras and boomslangs), fish (pufferfish and stonefish), insects (Brazilian wandering spiders and deathstalker scorpions) and many others (box jellyfish and blue-ringed octopus). The focus this week will be on learning more about those animals we really want to avoid!



Walden Pond COVID Policy

Due to the unpredictability of the virus, we are unable to offer refunds to classes, ALREADY IN PROGRESS, that are interrupted due to an infection or outbreak. We will make every effort possible to make-up lost classes. With smaller class sizes, we may have flexibility to accommodate those looking for make-up opportunities. Full refunds (less the $25.00 registration fee) will be given, however, for cancellations requested before the start of a workshop or camp.

Safety, of your children and our staff, is our priority. Our teachers wear masks, scan temperatures, thoroughly clean and disinfect the school, practice social distancing (when possible) and emphasize personal hygiene. Additionally, we will utilize our outside garden as much as possible.